Simple tools for citizens to monitor their environments.

KnoWare refers to both a Web Portal and an iOS application. The Web Portal provides a fully featured website for creating surveys and viewing survey results with an emphasis on visualization to aid in data interpretation. It is also intended for administrators to perform data analysis, user management, and reporting activities. The KnoWare web portal also allows users to download the full dataset for post-processing. The iOS application focuses on providing the user with a convenient method for data reporting and visualization of their results based on geographic location.

The InSpector device is a foldable cardboard attachment to the smartphone camera that acts as a light spectroscope, splitting light into its component colors. InSPECtor is an iOS app that, together with the device allows for quantitative analysis of contaminants in water by analyzing the color of water samples that have been tested with colorimetric test kits.

This relatively simple and straightforward approach allows citizens to quickly analyze water quality in a water sample so they can report their findings and view others’ results in a timely manner.